The Positive Impact of the Farmer's Market Movement on Local Ecosystems and Food Systems in Tarrant County

Sustainability is the cornerstone of the farmer's market movement. Farmers are utilizing sustainable agricultural practices to provide healthy food to their local communities, while also receiving the money they need to keep their businesses running. This mutually beneficial relationship has become a model of sustainability in many urban regions, with policy makers and community organizations investing in urban food systems to create a healthier food landscape. Farmers markets are open to the public and accept WIC, FMNP, and Lone Star card coupons as payment for eligible items. To assess the impact of this movement on local ecosystems and food systems in Tarrant County, we stratified the county geographically and selected 8 farmers markets and 10 community gardens.

Research has revealed that farmers markets are less likely to generate civic engagement than gardens due to their ephemeral nature. However, farmers prioritize access to fresh, high-quality products, as well as other social interactions and aspects of the market. We created a variable that grouped the types of activity in the local food system into production (community gardening and home gardening) and direct marketing (CSA and farmers markets). For instance, Farmers Assisting Returning Military was looking for a new home in North Texas last summer when executive director Hyiat El-Jundi met with the leaders of the Funkytown Food Project at the Cowtown Farmer's Market. The group also sells its products at local farmers markets and donates a portion to organizations such as the Tarrant Area Food Bank. Our research found that home gardeners were more likely to have a graduate or professional degree than farmers market buyers, community gardeners, or CSA members.

Additionally, since approximately 75% of community gardeners and CSA members identified themselves as white, these types of local food systems were less racially diverse than family gardens and farmers markets. Home gardeners, CSA members, community gardeners, and farmers market buyers all have an impact on local food systems. The farmer's market movement has had a positive effect on local ecosystems and food systems in Tarrant County. It has provided access to fresh, high-quality products while also creating opportunities for social interaction and civic engagement. This movement has also increased racial diversity in local food systems by providing access to fresh produce for all members of the community. The farmer's market movement is an important part of creating a sustainable future for our communities.

By providing access to fresh produce for all members of the community, it helps create a healthier food landscape while also promoting social interaction and civic engagement. This mutually beneficial relationship between farmers and their local communities is an example of how sustainability can be achieved through collaboration.

Paulette Gruver
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