Discovering the Local Farmers Markets in Tarrant County, Texas

Are you looking for a local farmers market in Tarrant County, Texas? You're in luck! There are plenty of options to choose from. If you're looking for a great place to buy fresh produce, Arlington Foodies Farmer's Market (81) 793-2636 and Cowtown Farmers Market (81) 763-0193 are two excellent choices. Keller Farmers is another great option, where you'll find all the standard fruits and vegetables, as well as some rare plants that your children may not recognize. The Grand Prairie Farmers Market is a great place to visit.

It's located behind the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and offers free stickers from farmers or ranchers, free popsicles from K Bar K meat vendor, and free flavored honey straws from honey vendors. At Bonton Farms, you can buy fresh produce, jams, and pickled vegetables in jars. This non-profit organization also operates an urban farm with resident goats, a cafe (open for breakfast and lunch), and a coffee shop with the purpose of building a community in South Dallas. Cowtown Farmers Market ensures that its local vendors are truly local and requires everyone to grow or produce their products within 150 miles.

In McKinney, Chestnut Square and the surrounding area offer a variety of vendors. Here, children have the opportunity to meet farmers who sell local produce, eggs, and meat. They can also buy some new toys and books and enjoy live music, face painting, and pony rides. Unfortunately, farmers have been facing some difficult times lately due to drought, winter weather, labor shortages, and fuel costs.

However, they still offer an abundance of fresh produce at their local markets.

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