Getting Involved with a Farmer's Market in Tarrant County: A Guide for Locals

Eating a balanced diet is essential for our health and wellbeing, and studies have shown that consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. Not only are they low in calories and fat, but buying locally grown produce has many other benefits. It's better for the environment, the economy, and it's fresher than food that has been transported from further afield. If you're looking to get involved with a farmer's market in Tarrant County, Texas, there are several options available.

The Cowtown Farmers Market is open year-round on Saturdays from 8am to noon. There are two locations: one on the west side and one at Federal Park Plaza, 1000 Throckmorton, Fort Worth, corner of Mulberry Street & Carroll Blvd. The Four Seasons Market in Richardson and Little Elm Towne Crossing at 2700 E. El Dorado Parkway also offer farmers markets.

In order to sell food at a farmers market in Tarrant County, vendors must obtain a permit from the local health department or department. Farmers and food producers who plan to sell food products at farmers markets located in areas that are under the jurisdiction of local health departments must include at least two vendors who meet the definition of farmer as defined in Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 437. In addition, if the food vendor is associated with a “good faith” cooking demonstration, the farmer's market must have a certified food manager. Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is correct. However, in any case where it is legally required to rely on the information contained in these pages, the official Tarrant County records should be consulted.

Tarrant County is not responsible for the content, nor does it endorse any site that has a link from the Tarrant County website. So if you're looking to get involved with a farmer's market in Tarrant County, there are several options available. Make sure you check with your local health department or department for any permits you may need before selling your produce. With this guide, you'll be able to find the perfect farmer's market for you and start selling your fresh produce.

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